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EAW Replacement Diaphragm to suit N350, M83 Diaphragm – 8Ω

$54.99 AUD Inc GST


Dimensions of Parts (Measurements in Inches & Millimetres)

  • Voice coil ID: 1.748″ (44.4mm)
  • Outer Diameter of Diaphragm: 2.85″ (72.39mm)
  • Impedance: 8 ohm, DCR: 6 ohm
  • Poly-Dome with an Edge Wound Flat Wire Voice Coil on a Kapton Former.


SKU: DIA RCF M83 (EAW) Categories: , ,


  • This part will suit the following models & many others:
  • EAW 15410083, DM2521, CD3501, CD3502, SM122E, M83, 803042, 15410083, N350, ASR660, CP466, CP499, DC3, DC6, LA460, MK2126E, MK2165E, MK2196E, MK5126E, ,MK 5164E, MK5166E,  MK5164E.
  • RCF ART710, ART712A Mk1 and Mk2, and ART715A Mk1 & Mk2 speaker cabinets.