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EV Electro Voice Replacement Diaphragm to suit DH1 – 16Ω

$65.99 AUD Inc GST


Dimensions of Parts (Measurements in Inches & Millimetres)

  • Voice coil: 2.99″/ 76mm
  • Diameter: 4.96″/ 126mm
  • Impedance: 16 ohm, DCR: 12 ohm
  • Replacement for EV 81256XX, 84234XX
  • Titanium Dome with an Edge Wound Voice Coil on Kapton Former.


  • This part will suit the following models & many others: EV Elevtro Voice 827-1200, 827-1431, 827-0908, 827-1719, 827-1339, 827-2341, 827-1300, 827-1233, 827-1336, 301252102, DH1A-16ohm, DH1AMT-16ohm, DH1AMT-16WP, DH2012-16ohm, N/DYM-1 16ohm, N/DYM1 MT-16 ohm, ND6X-16, EDS, MTH-2/64BTC, MTH-2/64BTCF, MTH-2/64CF, MTH-2/94ACF, MTH-2/94BTCF, MTH-2/94CF, MTH-2.5/22BCF, MTH-2.5/22BTCF, MTH-2.5/42BCF, MTH-2.5/42BTCF, MTH-2.5/64BCF, MTH-2.5/64BTC, MTH-2.5/64BTCF, MTH-2.5/64BCF, BTH-2.5/94BTCF, MTS-1-16 ohm,  ASY000737100, DMS 2112, PLASMA, VARIPLEX, HPK, XCN, XI-1122, XI-1123, XI-1152, XI-1153, XI-1183, XI-2122, XI-2123, XI-2153, XI-2183, XF, XFIL, XLC-127, XLCi-127, XLCi-127+, XLCi-907, XN, XVLS, XVLT, XW12, XW15, N/DYM5-16, ND5A-16, ND6-16, DH5-16, DH6-16, DH7-16.